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Dialed in Newsletter- Conversation Highlights

Our Goal: The main goal of the Young Enterprises brand, as a consulting and online media company is to help people. Our podcasts are all about learning, or being ‘dialed in’ to what it takes to become successful in the business world. As our company mission states- “aiming to provide professional business insights, at the intersection of relevant technological trends. Delivered through timely articles and discussions on the Dialed in Podcast." This is another one of our 'timely articles.' *Unfortunately, due to challenges with proprietary data, Adin was limited in what he could share with us, and we were unable to record a real podcast. Let us dive into what we learned during this conversation with Adin and highlight the lessons we can take away into our own life.

Adin Herzog, Regional Director at Boeing

Adin Herzog works for the 145,000 person international powerhouse airline company, Boeing. He is a sales and marketing regional director of network and fleet planning: Highlight 1- “External pressures have as much of an influence as your internal desires” Simply put, be open to all opportunities. Adin mentioned that sometimes the path you had envisioned yourself on ends up not being right for you, but the opening that comes out of nowhere ends up being perfect. There's truth to this, I feel like especially at an early age, people tend to have a fixed mindset of where they want to be. It is utterly impossible to know what exactly you will be able to accomplish with your given skill set. Do not let close-mindedness keep you from considering an opportunity outside of your ‘dream job.’ This seaways into another thing to consider: Highlight 2- “I don’t believe in 5 year plans, I think that things change so often and so quickly, but with that being said, planning is really important” -Adin The lesson that I found in this relates back to the open-mindedness quote analysis. Have a game-plan for your career, have dreams, ambitions, and work your tail off to accomplish those goals, but be aware of the importance of flexibility. Do not let tunnel vision drive you into a dead end. Stay on track, with the ability to adjust. Highlight 3- “Even in challenging times when the job is not right for you, or the team isn't right for you, keep pushing”- Adin Here is an opinion that I have developed through observations of the adult work environment during my first semester in a university: The concept of being a true professional means showing up to work every day and giving your absolute best effort to do your job correctly, regardless of external situations or unprecedented times. When talking about his greatest learning experience, Adin mentions the importance of maintaining professionalism, you can never sit back and decide to blatantly engage in indolence. People are always watching you, and someone will take note. Take pride in doing your job the right way, even if it is not the right one for you, put your best foot forward each morning, be a true professional! Written by: Alec Hagopian #StayDialedin

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