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Dialed in Newsletter- Episode 1 Highlights

Our Goal Part of the Young Enterprises brand as a consulting and online media company is to help people, our podcasts are all about learning, or being ‘dialed in’ to what it takes to become successful in the business world. As our company bio states- “aiming to provide professional business insights, and wisdom on recent technological trends, through our timely articles, and interviews on the Dialed in Podcast.” This is the first of many ‘timely articles.’ Let us dive into what we learned during this conversation with Bob and highlight the lessons we can take away into our own life.

Bob Myers, Golden State Warriors General Manager

On episode one, we spoke with Bob Myers, the General Manager of the Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team. The first half of the discussion was centralized around basketball, with insights into the upcoming season, and the second half was about business, his career experiences, and his journey to the NBA. Highlight 1- “It's the tortoise and the Hare, it's going to take a long damn time to get what you want, and you have to be okay with that, it may be one step forward 2 steps back three steps to the right three steps to the left, and one step forward, but that's a career” The value of perseverance, and connections: During this portion of the podcast, Bob talks about how it took him 15 years working as a sports agent to finally be granted an opportunity with the Golden State Warriors as the assistant general manager. Can you guys believe that... 15 years! Like Jack Hildebrand frequently says... Rome wasn't built in a day! During this time, he spent many hours doing the ‘dirty work,’ picking up guys from the airport, and “little stuff around the players his company represented.” As Bob stated, “even though this wasn't a super fulfilling job intellectually,” he spent time building relationships, and working to essentially ‘get people in his corner.’ By being in this field, he was allowed opportunities to cross paths with some of the highest level workers in the NBA. “If I can learn to be relied upon, and work hard, maybe someone will notice.” -Bob Myers Thankfully, someone did... None other than his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. Hearing the journey that Bob went through to get to where he is today truly begs the question, how bad do you want it? Highlight 2- “I don't want to be a slave to people's opinions… I would rather hear from a friend, a coworker, or a boss, you're an idiot!” Bob Myers has zero social media, he never has, and he never will. This is a rare occurrence in today's day and age, and given his success, it is worth taking a second look at. I feel like especially with my generation, the media has become part of our world, and is for the most part, completely unavoidable. However, it is worth being aware of the truth. Allow yourself the ability to never get ‘too consumed.’ Social media highlights people's best moments, which is never reality. It also opens the door to a wave of negativity, or opinions from people who do not know the truth. This especially relates to someone in his position, the general manager of an NBA team. “I don't think it's healthy for us to see the best of people all the time, or hear the most criticism, so I always tell people, I don't subscribe to either!”- Bob Myers #StayDialedin

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