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Episode 8- Chapter 2: (Brooke Southmayd, Registered Nurse)

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Chapter 2 Brooke Southmayd, Registered Nurse at Providence St. Vincent

-In the past year when you think of healthcare, you often think of the people on the front lines. Brooke Southmayd is one of those people. At her hospital she was preassigned to the first positive covid patient! Brooke went to nursing school at the University of Portland and is now a registered nurse at Providence St. Vincent. Providence St. Vincent is among only 50 hospitals in the country to receive Healthgradesยฎ America's 50 Best Hospital Awardโ„ข in 2021. Over the course of this interview, we took a deep dive into her journey during her nursing school years, strategies for passing the Nclex exam, and then moved into her day to day role as a flow pool nurse.

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