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Episode 9- Chapter 2: (Hakan Sakul, VP and Head of Diagnostics at Pfizer)

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Chapter 2 Hakan Sakul, VP and Head of Diagnostics at Pfizer

  • When you think of the production of the vaccine, you think of Pfizer. During this episode we had the opportunity to talk to another executive, Hakan Sakul, the VP and Head of Diagnostics at Pfizer. Mr. Sakul has been there for about 20 years! He received his undergraduate degree in animal science, masters in animal genetics, and then came to the US with 320 dollars to get his PHD degree in quantitative genetics! During this episode we talk about his career journey to America, learn about his day to day role, receive some tips for the workforce, and then briefly touch on the long term safety of the Pfizer vaccine. Donโ€™t miss out on a great episode to get expert advice from one of the best in the healthcare industry.

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