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COVID-19 Protective Gear

Branch Manager: Carter Young

At the forefront of technology and development, Young Enterprises, has been there since day one. Producing effective and high quality personal protective equipment, we offer products that will continue to offer you peace of mind and safety during these unpredictable times long past this pandemic.


Lifetime Warranty


Scheduled Delivery


Highest Quality

Quality Assured

Made with PLA plastic these masks come with a lifetime warranty, that will continue to serve you long past this pandemic.

Exceptional Service

On time delivery is essential during these times, and we strive to find a median between scheduled delivery and production. Ensuring that both masks and shield make it to you with little to no time sitting idle.

Peace of Mind

Using only the highest quality filters, plastic, and elastic on the market. Our team settled with 3M HEPA filtrete material that offers a particulate filtration rating of 99.97% and microns up to 0.3 in size.




Given the high demand currently, we ask that you reach out to our team so we can ensure that we get you equipped with the best protective gear, right amount, and color. You can contact us for pricing and details in the form below.

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